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A plethora of original fine art, airbrushed art, watercolor art, portraits and paintings with a unique twist! Definitely a gallery of art to make you smile.

More Growing Up As An Artist Bio

So even though I had to get used to working with a completely different medium it definitely was my pleasure and absolutely worth the effort. There was no more waiting for the oils to dry and no more turpentine to smell. I just fell madly and completely in love with my airbrushes. Thank goodness my husband was never the jealous kind.

Later on in my 30's another dream came true, besides having a baby girl to love and adore there was, "Art on a computer!" It just amazed me what you could do with the tools in the graphics programs. I was astounded but I was also heartbroken and just didn't want to give up either one, my computer graphics or my airbrush, even though there were times I had no time for either having a little one to tend with. So for a few years, I was torn between the two of them until it just fell into place like things usually do in life.

When I turned 40, they both seemed to find their very own special places as most things do in life. Finally, after all the years of trying to choose a permanent medium, being able to use them together made me feel like I could have my cake and eat it too. Brushwork, Digital Orientation and Airbrushing were all part and parcel for me.

I especially like to turn kids into angels. They sure look like angels when they're sleeping but when they're awake, I ' m not sure anymore. I think angels have helped me out in a few tight spots too now that I look back on things. I think by painting them it serves as a small reminder the beautiful gifts we have that are fleeting about us, loving us through thick and thin, with all our faults too and trying to get our attention. They serve to remind us of bigger and more important things.

Someone interesting I came across was a man called William Booth, a person who witnessed the angels and saw their beautiful aura of many colours. What would any artist give to have this vision! He became so inspired that he became the founder of the Salvation Army! His life was forever changed!

Every time I sit at my easel, I know I was born to paint and I would love to paint you too or turn that someone special into the angel they'll turn out to be eventually. So please don't hesitate to call for your personal estimate. In the meantime, I wish that you have a great life and hope to see you soon.

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