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A plethora of original fine art, airbrushed art, watercolor art, portraits and paintings with a unique twist! Definitely a gallery of art to make you smile.

All little girls and boys should be viewed as a piece of art with their wide eyed innocence shining through in their own angel portrait. Don't you think? Why not email or mail me today with a photo for an estimate for your angel art, fine art or portrait? Anything is possible!.......why you could even turn yourself into a piece of fine art for that special someone who doesn't seem to see us the way that they should !

Growing Up As An Artist....Bio

Hi my name is Terri Hert, I'm a Canadian. I was born and raised in the southern part of Ontario in the small city of Welland, not too far away from one of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.There was a pond behind our house and about a dozen and a half cats running around at all times and we'd had a couple dogs too. When I started to draw at around 6 or 7 , it would be one cat picture after the next. If I wasn't sneaking the cats into my bed to snuggle with, I'd be thinking of them and would be drawing them. Later through the years I became interested in other animals, flowers and then people and would draw them too. These were in particular my favourite subjects. Even though I had 4 brothers and sisters to play with the cats were my favourite as a child.

It wasn't 'til I turned 18 that I started working with pastels and at 20 with oils. That was my favourite medium for the decade. I would have painted with my toes if I had too. It was paint, paint and more paint and still is. come to think of it. My first portrait was my brother, Bruno, with a blue background, and I thought there was hope even though it was not what I wanted exactly, and my dad told me to stick to flowers much to my dismay. Painting people was a great pleasure and challenge.

Then when I turned 30, my dream to airbrush came true. After working for a sign company and using it on the job, I definitely wanted one of my very own and to be a little more creative with it than what we were used to at the shop. By the way, my husband was the boss of the sign company, now that we've been married for years…. I've become the boss, at least that's what he'll tell you. So I brought home the old worn out airbrush from the shop one day and set it up with one of the loudest air compressers made on earth and painted my first piece of fine art in our small 6'th floor apartment. We never did get any complaints even though the floor shook if I remember correctly. Good thing we were well liked. That helped because nothing was stopping me now.

My first airbrushed picture was a , a simple project but none the less, a test indeed to see if I could manage getting through the afternoon with my beat-up airbrush. I LOVED it and I knew I would always incorporate airbrushing into all of my works from then on. What an amazing tool. My next step was to get my own compresser, a quiet one and I did and away I went.

More about me go to my bio page

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