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A plethora of original fine art, airbrushed art, watercolor art, portraits and paintings with a unique twist! Definitely a gallery of art to make you smile.

Purchasing a Painting

If you donít like it -You donít pay for it! It's that simple.

To produce a quality painting that will give years of enjoyment, I will need a clear photo of the best possible resolution, the better the picture, the better the painting. Through email is sometimes fine but it depends on how the photo is scanned in and at what resolution. The picture may be scaled down but if you scan it in at a lower resolution, it will allow for a blurry picture when I would enlarge it for a painting and therefore would not produce a quality reference to work from. Try to send the best you can to start with.

I work on watercolour paper or masonite, it is your choice, watercolour paper would go behind glass and the masonite, my choice, without glass, looks more like an oil when completed and varnished in a glossy or matte finish. It may be purchased to the size of your choice, if you already have a frame to have it fitted into or if you would prefer to wait until the painting is complete and have it framed then is your choice.

You have my guarranty that I will do the best that I can possibly do to produce a lasting and quality work that will be sure to make you smile for years to come. I will have the right that all finished paintings created will become my own part of my own original artwork and may be displayed and used as future references.

Shipping and Handling will be added or else you are welcome to come and view it in person before the purchase is finalized. I would email you a low resolution pic of the final product for your final decision. Or if you so choose I will snail mail you a photo of the finished product if you are unable to come directly or if email is not suitable. Sometimes alterations are not always possible depending how far the painting has evolved and almost impossible closer to completion. Changes need to be made earlier in the process so some communication may be necessary until the foundation is structured to your specification.

You may call or email today for a free estimate. Youíll be surprised at a reasonable price and pleased with your new heirloom ready to bring a smile to you or that special someone for years to come. Call now.


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Welland, On., l3c 3c6, Canada

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