April 2013 Update . . . revised trackplan close to completion . . . . benchwork modifications underway !

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   The truth being told, I've been dragging my feet the past couple of years rebuilding the CJR into a prairie themed railway. In hindsight, trying to build the prairie layout using the "same size" bench work as the previous one was a bad idea. I knew what I wanted, but compromised the design by using the existing 14" wide bench work. I forged ahead but, halfway through the track laying process, I knew it was time to start over and satisfying my "must have". (as listed below)


# 1 -  having the ability to display both front and rear elevations of grain elevators in the same view.

# 2 - having an active interchange track.

# 3 - having a fair amount of switching available.



 The "rebuild" of the "rebuild" begins with ....


Step 1 - remove all of the existing CJR bench work in the basement, giving me a clean slate.

Step 2 - rework the bench work (that I have been prefabricating in the garage). Start by removing all the cork roadbed and trackwork, then "most importantly" increase the width of the bench work to 30".

Step 3 - move forward with my original idea of modelling a track plan that is loosely based on Portage la Prairie, MB. It is unique location in that CN and CP mainlines and their yards run a only a few hundred yards apart through town. And it is only one of the few locations in Canada where the both major railways cross "at grade".

   Portage meets "must have" criteria in that,

a) -grain elevators facing  both directions. And as a bonus, one of the grain elevators is serviced by both railways.

b) -an active interchange between the CN and CP mainlines (the ability for both freight and passenger traffic to cross over)

c) -ample industries available for switching  on both railways.


 Step 4 - the plan is to get the Portage section up and running before proceeding with the construction of the remaining layout.


     View the "latest" photos of the  "Bison Division"  Portage la Prairie section   (new as of April 2013)        

May update page       


     I have to give a big "thanks" to Eric Gagnon. I gleaned a large quantity of detailed information about Portage la Prairie from his blog.  "Trackside Treasures"



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" Model Railroading is Fun ! "

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