June 1st  photos: shown moving from "west end" to "east" of layout (left to right).

. . . geographically that would be travelling "east" from 8th St. towards 3rd St.


   This week I decided to change the "CN CP interchange" from a long single  track to a small short yard. This resulted in the need to reduce the elevation between the CN and CP tracks. I started by eliminating the use of 1/2" gator board under the structures located between the mainlines. Next I removed all the CP roadbed, styrofoam and cork still glued together. I ran the assembly through the table saw, reducing the height from 1-3/8" to 7/16", then silicone'd it back in place. The resulting grade is now 3/8" up to the yard from the CN tracks and another 3/8" up to the CP tracks. That should be just enough grade to get the sound equipped engines "notching up" bit while working the yard.

Lowering the height of the CP tracks and eliminating 1/2" gator board under the elevators reduced grade on 8th St. I originally designed Elephant Feed without rail service but relocating a crossover from the "east end" changed that and now allowed it to be included in my switchlist program


After finalizing the location of the overpass,  UGG #2 elevator appeared to be crowding it. So I pulled up the styrofoam and cork roadbed spur and shifted it 6" to the "west". The relocation allowed more space between UGG #2 and the overpass, changing the location of the warehouse to the east side  of the vator was visually more appealing. Again this is just a mockup.


An old mockup of the Niagara Falls CN/Via station stands in for the Portage station. Similar in footprint size. Moving the crossover to the "west end" and shifting 3rd St. a bit to the right, allowed for the addition the CP station and a 2nd fuel oil dealer.


Changing my "CN/CP interchange" design from a long single track siding to a small yard actually allows a more interesting use of space (bonus more switching). Note: the switching lead (center track) and 2 interchange tracks extend 18-24" onto the corner module, giving each a 3 car capacity. Latest trackplan



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