CL Code 40

The Code 40 is crafted in Canada and is used by sail training groups from coast to coast. Featuring highest quality hand laid-up fiberglass construction, the sleek planing hull is remarkably light. The Code 40 planes beautifully in moderate winds for exhilarating sailing.

The Code 40 provides two sailors with all the fun and challenges of a sloop (Main and Jib sails) and has an exciting trapeze and spinnaker package available. Hull and deck joint has been Plexus upgraded with a heavy duty rub rail

L.O.A 13.1' 4.0 m
Beam : 5.1' 1.6 m
Draft : c/b 3.3' 1.0 m
Weight : 179 Lbs 82.1 kg
Sailarea: 109 sq.ft. 10.1 sq.m
Mast Height on Deck : 18.9' 5.8 m

Standard Equipment

  • Dacron North mainsail and jib with battens, sailbag, insignia and numbers
  • Anodized aluminum mast and boom (mast foam filled)
  • Stainless steel rigging and world class fittings
  • Boom-vang and Dacron braided sheets
  • Fibreglass pivoting centerboard and rudderblade
  • Aluminum rudderhead and tiller
  • Full length double hiking straps

    Popular Options
  • Spinnaker Package
  • Trapeze with harness
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