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Author Topic:   Sandpiper lines led aft??
posted April 24, 2003 10:41 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Eric   Click Here to Email Eric     
I want to run my halyards, topping lift and reef line aft to cockpit. Has anyone experience with this(or seen it done well)?
I'm having concerns about a proper method of fixing blocks at the mast base. I'd prefer not to drill into the cabin roof.
Please give me your thoughts/experiences.

Cheers and Happy Spring to all!!


Celtic Kiss
posted April 26, 2003 03:23 AM           

I have assisted others on running their halyards aft and it's quite simple to do.

But before I go too much into detail I need to know if you can attach blocks to the base of your mast? Or will they be attached to the mast step?

With regard to drilling holes through the cabin top. Don't sweat it. Your feelings of anxiety are normal. There are two key things to consider when mounting fixtures on fibreglass. 1) don't drill a hole that is too wide for the bolt and 2)cover the shaft of the bolt in silicone. That will prevent rainwater from seeping in.

If you find that you are drilling through a balsa core, cover the balsa wood with epoxy (and let it dry) before you do anything with the bolt.

If you should drill a hole that is a bit too big for the bolt, the solution is simple. Tape up the underside of the hole and then fill the oversized hole with epoxy and let it harden. Then try again. It is alright if you drill through the patch you just made because the structural integrity has not been compromised.

If this is your first time drilling holes etc. I suggest you have someone who is more knowledgeable to help you. I got my training 2 yrs ago by helping a friend work on his boat. We had someone to help us and no mistakes were made.

I will search the 'net to get some pics of the "deck organizer" that we used and if possible pics of a completed job.

Celtic Kiss #2120

Celtic Kiss #2120

posted April 27, 2003 11:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Darcy   Click Here to Email Darcy     
3M also makes a good goo for sealing around bolts. I can't remember the name though. I know it's not 3M 5200!! You will never be able to unfasten them with 5200. (It's good for through hull under water fittings.

I've sailed on some boats that are set up so halyards can be either cleated at the cockpit or at the mast. Sometimes it's nice to have the choice.


posted April 28, 2003 10:05 AM           
On the Mirage 33 I crew on, halyards do run back to the cockpit.
Trouble is..the wheel is so big, that it's a squeeze to get around to the forward portion of the cockpit to handle the lines.
Best to have a dedicated helmsman and at least one crew member to do all the grunt work.

posted April 28, 2003 10:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Eric   Click Here to Email Eric     
Thanks for the replies.
I'm leaning towards drilling 1/2" holes into the side of the tabernacle(term?),at the four corners (4x2" aluminum channel). I will attach my blocks here and run the lines directly to cleats I have at the aft end of the hand rails. No organizers. Height should be ok and there isn't any interference with the companionway. My concern is that the blocks for the halyards will be drawn aft too far and the halyards will chaffe on a spreader. I have no concerns for the topping lift or future reef lines at the aft end of the channel.(wish I could show a pic)
Can you picture it?! Whatcha think?

Cheers Eric

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