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Jump to new posts Re: Getting the rudder off by jacks     Today at 12:51 PM

 Quote: Where's the "rudder lock"?

It's the metal clip that locks into place at the top pintle when you insert the rudder. You need to depress it to get the rudder off and, at the same time, gently tap the rudder from the bottom.
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Jump to new posts Re: Building a new CL16, with pictures!! by Philippe     Today at 09:50 AM

Yeah, I think one of the reason the transition was so much work for Geoff is that he isnít just taking over the company, but wants to reboot the boat building part of it, not just make rudders and centerboards.
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Jump to new posts Re: The New CL by Philippe     Yesterday at 11:58 AM

Dennis, sadly, regarding the rudder, I do not have all the information. It's my understanding that it's solid FB finished in gel coat. But then again, he might have used honeycomb foam core.

I'll point out to Geoff (again) that his prese
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Jump to new posts Re: Winter Storage by Sandpaper     11/15/18 06:33 AM

The sailboat came out of the water yesterday. It was a cold and breezy day, but it was the best one in the forecast for a while. The job went quite well for us, considering the challenges with the weather. We were shuffling around in a couple cent
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Jump to new posts Re: Porta potti replacement by Shortwave     11/11/18 09:49 PM

Here's a couple of pictures of our head installation; a quick and dirty installation. The old head/bucket was cut out and a new portages potty installed. The bunk edge is lined with pipe insulation to avoid scrapping or pinching of delicate parts.
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