02/06/18 06:10 PM
Bob Bowman

Some sad news has been rippling through the Sandpiper fleet. It has been reported that Bob Bowman has passed.

Bob and his Sandpiper, Latis, had been a fixture at the Rendezvous since 2009. Bob added his own brand of adventure to each event. He hosted the Lake St. Clair Rendezvous in 2014.

I can only call Bob a gentleman. He was always happy to meet a fellow sailor. He thanked Joanne and me every time we met, for the hospitality we afforded him at one particular Rendezvous years ago.

Bob, you're going to be missed. The forum will be quiet without you.

Everyone, please post any photos you may have of Bob. Mine will follow.

02/07/18 08:24 AM
Re: Bob Bowman

I would like to express my sincere condolences to Bob's family. I'll remember Bob fondly and feel lucky to have known him.

Fair Winds my Friend

02/07/18 01:25 PM
Re: Bob Bowman

Latis On Mazinaw Lake

Bob At The Helm

Bob At Anchor

Bob + Rod + Marrette

Latis At Bon Echo Rock

Ken Helping Bob by Sandpaper, on Flickr