To All C&L Owners, Customers and Enthusiasts:

As we turn the page on the Tom Oleksiuk generation of the C&L product line, we also have to realize that C&L Boatworks is one of the the last surviving Canadian small sailboat manufacturers from the fibreglass boatbuilding boom of the 70's and 80's. There is no denying the fact that Tom O's passion for sailing and the C&L product line is the main reason we are here today reading this forum.

With over 8000 boats produced to date, I am pleased and honoured to be able to produce and market this excellent sailboat line to the current generation of sailors, and to the 1970's era of sailors who once sailed the waters in CL16's before having to sell their beloved boats due to life commitments: work, family, more work, etc.

C&L Boatworks will continue to provide new C&L sailboats, complete parts, repair and refurbishing services and of course excellent customer service to all our customers. Custom mast service for small sailboats will also still be available.

Long-time C&L Dealer Sailwest Sailboats in Calgary, operated by Jim Feeney since 1985 will also continue to serve the needs of C&L customers in Western Canada. His website is

This new generation will also include a presence in Quebec and Eastern Ontario, headed up by Ricardo Jonas, aka Sandude on this forum. Ricardo "Ric" will operate FroliQUE NautiQUE and will take delivery of hull #1 from C&L Boatworks later this month in the form of a CL14 sloop.

Quebec has a very strong and loyal C&L customer base, which was severely under-served by the previous owners of the C&L brand. Ric is well positioned to serve all C&L sailors in Eastern Ontario and Quebec and will have C&L models for demos and viewing at his site. Also, he will offer service in French, which unfortunately was not always available in the past, but fortunately our Quebec customers will no longer have to try to understand my attempts at French!!

Ric and I have some very ambitious long-range plans for the future of this great Canadian sailboat company, so stay tuned to this forum as our plans develop. To contact Ric please follow this link to his web page which is still under development

Ric was also one of the organizers of the hugely successful S565 Rendezvous 2010 last month and I know Ken Nelson was also a big contributor, as well as the whole planning committee. I would like to congratulate everyone on a job well done. Ric also hosted a great after-party for the Rendezvous at his residence, and also brought in the designer of the Sandpiper from Portugal, Leonardo da Costa Sayago, which I think was a great gesture on his part. Unfortunately at the end of R'10 this forum was down due to the bankruptcy and I can safely say over 300 dedicated S565 sailors were denied a chance to read up on the sailing and events of the Rendezvous. In this regard, I would like to give a shout out to Neil T. who has hosted a Sandpipers owners page for a few years at for getting a forum up so the S565 community could continue to plan and socialize on the web.

I still intend to donate some sweet S565 goodies that I had planned to raffle off at R'10, Ric and I will announce the winners of these items soon.

In closing, I would like to thank all my customers and friends who emailed or called me with their support after CL Sailboats was shut down. I greatly appreciated it and it meant a lot to me to have such strong support at that time.

All phone contact numbers remain the same at 905.871.GOCL, you can reach me by email anytime at or PM me on this forum with any request you may have regarding your CL product.

Yours in Sailing,

David Ventresca
C&L Boatworks 4G
50 Years 1968-2018
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