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#7882 - 10/24/10 09:37 AM Thank you for the Open House
RonD Offline

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I enjoyed meeting your staff and seeing the workshop. Keep up the good work.

Scarborough, Ont.
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#7883 - 10/24/10 07:51 PM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: RonD]
waterwheels Offline

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I agree, what a great time to meet, great and share ideas.

Thanks to Dave, Chris and a host of others for their hard work.

Best wishes for the future.


" Life's too short to sit on the dock"

#7884 - 10/24/10 08:56 PM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: waterwheels]
Glen Offline

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Sorry we missed. But glad you did it!
Glen, Pretty Brown, #380

#7885 - 10/25/10 06:03 AM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: Glen]
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Yes, it was good.

There was food and drink and door prizes and conversations and centreboarders and keelboaters and sailing stories.

We got to see Hull #1 with the V-Vector decal on the bow: 'V' for Ventresca, and the arrow was pointing forward . . . on both sides of the hull. It was Ric's new CL14. Very pretty.

The V-Vector symblol is so impressive, I'm expecting to see Sand-Viper #1 in the future. The molds were there waiting for the 1st order.

The shop is very impressive. Lots of room. The glass shop is separated from the finishing shop and is separated from the offices. All very professional. We are dealing with a very progressive company.

The C&L staff had the mainsails for the various boats all hung like tapestries in the finishing shop. Not a lot of difference in sizes. Hmmmmm . . .

Colin and Heather, the #1 CL16 racing crew, were providing rigging tips and making folks comfortable with the idea of testing their skills in any of the fun regattas. The pair were keeping a crowd around the 16 parked in the shop.

Kiwi John and Scott had Jenny rigged and looking as pretty as ever. When I left, Scott was working in the rain to drop the sails and get the mast down. I kinda, sorta offered to help, but Scott was doing a great job. John was supervising from the dry side of the big garage door.

If this becomes an annual event, I'll be going again next year.

Good luck, Dave & Chris & Ric and the rest of the C&L crew.

Dave, please post some pictures and the winners of the door prizes.

#7887 - 10/25/10 05:20 PM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: Tailpiper]
Dave V Administrator Offline

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On behalf of C&L Boatworks I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Open House on Saturday and spent the day checking out the boats and facility and bidding on the silent auction parts and also winning some great prizes from C&L Boatworks and others donated by our sponsors. Over 125 people walked through the facility while enjoying the food and drinks and conversing with other CL sailors.

John Everingham (Kiwi John) and his son Scotty towed their S565 Jenny and were kind enough to fully rig it up for folks to check out. She sat a stone's throw from her birthing moulds. Great looking boat and great people, Scott also helped set up the C&L picture archive, thanks to both of you for your help and for bringing Jenny. Check your mailbox in a few days for your goody bag!

It was great to meet the customers we have been chatting with over the years, and also to catch up on sailing events such as the S565 Rendezvous, finally drawing the prizes for that event, which was done by the organizer Ric (Sandude), the North S565 Storm Jib was won by S565 Lamartine, (Bernard & Johanne) the new set of main and jib sheets were won by S565 Little Wave, (Neil & Anne) and the turnbuckle covers were won by S565 Windy Island (Ab & Barb). I was also happy to present the C&L Boatworks $100.00 prize to the CL16/Wayfarer Regatta winning CL16 crew of Colin Junkin and Dennis Richard. They have donated this money to the Cobourg Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program.

The Mississauga Sailing Club was out in force and were doing some serious power shopping and bidding on the silent auction goodies, as well as cleaning up on the door prizes! As true sailors, 2 members of the MSC each threw back the Rave Extreme Tow Tube after winning it until a power boat connection was made. Obviously sailor equivalent of throwing back a caught homerun ball hit by the opposition team and was good for a few laughs. I'm sure a Piper at full hull speed would have given someone a nice tow on that tube!

Rico Martin Jonas (Sandude) of FroliQUE NautiQUE took delivery of Hull No 1, CL14 # 1912 "prima donna" equipped with a Shoreland'r trailer and Quebec Decals. More pics will follow as I get them in from various people.

CL14 #1912 on Shoreland'r Trailer now at FroliQUE NautiQUE

Glen Storey of the Mississauga Sailing Club was the big winner of the North CL16 Mainsail in 5 oz. white with sailbag, telltales and reef points. Glen had left the party about 10 minutes before the draw, but a call to his cell phone had him doing a U on the QEW and he was back to claim the prize.

Company President David Ventresca presenting Glen Storey with his new North Sails CL16 Mainsail

15ft Glass Cutting Table with a small sample of C&L Archival Photos

CL Echo 12 Training Sailboat, 2010 CL11 with optional blue hull

Myself and the C&L Staff had a great time at the open house and are thinking of making it an annual after-season event, with more C&L specific prizes and more sponsors it can only grow.

Thanks to the following for donating door prizes:

Transat Marine (Harken & RWO gear, posters)
Sleeman Breweries
Do It Industries/Shoreland'r
Fastenal Canada
RBC Royal Bank
North Sails

More pictures and details to follow.


Dave V. and Crew at C&L Boatworks
50 Years 1968-2018
C&L Boatworks Facebook

#7888 - 10/25/10 09:23 PM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: Dave V]
Kiwi John Offline

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To Dave and your family at C&L Boatworks,
We would like to thank you all for welcoming Scott and I so warmly at your facility. You put on a top notch open house and everyone who attended had a great time.
Thank you for the abundance of great food coffee and wine which had me buzzed most of the day.
All the models of CL Sailboats looked beautiful, so professionally built, and the quality was so evident.
I hope you start making lots and lots of these fine boats.
John and Scotty

Below are a few pics....


Lots of history here

CL Boatworks CL14 #1

Beautifully restored CL16


CL Echo 12

Sandpiper 565
John... X Sandpiper owner "Jenny"

#7893 - 10/26/10 07:34 PM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: Dave V]
Mike CL16 #134 Offline

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Looks like it was a great time! I wish I could have been there, but unfortunately not enough time to plan it in this year.

It will definitely be on next year's calendar.

It certainly sounds like you guys are off on the right foot.

Mike Evans
Freedom #134

#7902 - 10/27/10 09:44 AM Re: Thank you for the Open House [Re: Mike CL16 #134]
D'Arcy Offline

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We unfortunately were unable to make it. That being said, we really appreciate all the work CL is doing to become more involved with the sailing community. Great work guys.

D'Arcy, Shortwave

#7964 - 11/09/10 07:10 PM C&L Boatworks Open-house
Sandude Offline

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The C&L Open-house was a terrific event. A lot of people attended... old customers, new hopefuls, friends & family. Let me offer that Dave & Chris did a bang-up job in presenting a crisp, professional impression of the NEW C&L Boatworks Company.

Here are some pics:

#7967 - 11/09/10 09:48 PM Re: C&L Boatworks Open-house [Re: Sandude]
Kiwi John Offline

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Good show Ric, how come your photo's turn out better than mine?
John... X Sandpiper owner "Jenny"

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