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#19610 - 03/13/18 09:13 AM Re: Towing your Sandpiper [Re: Sandpaper]
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 Originally Posted By: Sandpaper
Beware of Scope Creep. It can sneak up on you.

That gave me a quite chuckle!

We used to use a chainsaw, cut the logs up and roll the butts up a ramp into the back of a van. Then at home used an axe and a wheelbarrow to cut and pile it all. A few years later dad build his own design of a wood splitter (the wood splitter could even roll into the van when needed) but that was 45 years ago and dad often said he should have patented it.

We heated the house with a home made wood stove (transformer barrel) for 18 years that heated 2 hot water systems; one that was pumped into a homemade heat exchanger that rested just above the oil furnace burner (just the air fan was used) and then into two 80 gallon tanks, and the second system into a third 80 gallon tank that that preheated all the hot water before it went into the electric hot water tank for the house/showers.

Man we never ever worried about hot water for showers or washing machine (yes the hot cycle was used) and forget about those flow reducing spay heads now that everyone uses.

An average winter used about 12 cords of wood. Dad use to grin and hide 20 dollar bills under some of the butts to encourage us to split and pile more. 20 bucks back then bought a lot like what like a 100 bucks buys now. \:D

Now if Dad had todays technology the amount of wood needed would be allot less.

Dad sold his stove off when he was older and his heath was less switching to natural gas, but his stove is still alive and working today heating a fellows indoor swimming pool across town.
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#19664 - 05/28/18 09:30 AM Re: Towing your Sandpiper [Re: Sandpaper]
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I used to tow mine with a '97 Volvo 850 wagon, FWD, non-turbo, 2.4 L automatic.
Just going from home to the local launches was fine, but did make one trek about 2 hrs away. Poor little 5 cylinder screamed for the highway portion of the trip, rarely got into top gear.

I now have a 2013 Ford Flex AWD, 3.5 L, 6 speed auto. Haven't been able to tow the boat far yet but with an extra 1300 lbs and 120 HP it'll be a much less exciting event.

another side benefit is the Flex is wider than the Volvo so I don't have to use extended mirrors while towing.
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