D'Arcy you must have stayed up late to watch the entire broadcast! I was having problems connecting and staying connected to the video. I had to frequently refresh the browser, and even re-start my computer to unfreeze the video. I retired when they ended the first phase of the broadcast. The fleet was mostly on a starboard tack heading to Mark #2.

I've seen the boats gybe with the sheets inboard and with the sheets outboard. We have flown The Big Honkin' Sail on Sapphire. We rigged the sheets inboard. I can't offer any comments about the pros and cons of either set-up.

If you find a consensus, post it here. It will make good reading.

It's so cold that I intend to spend the day in the basement. I'm trying to countersink #10 holes in stainless steel. That's a character-building experience.

Did you ride your bike this week?
Sail Mazinaw
Saturday August 10, 2019