Hello Paul, on the specs sheet for the Cl16 in the C&L Boatworks site we find :
Stainless steel fittings, rigging (1/8") and turnbuckles
Quality 3/8" dacron sheets.

As a new owner of an old 83 neglected Cl16, I also need the size and length for each rope found on this stock Cl16. The boat is now resting besides the house under a well tie-wrapped tarp and ... a lot of snow. I did send an email to C&L Boatworks requesting a specs and parts list for the CL16 because I need to find what is missing to operate the main sail and the foils need
to be replaced. Anyway, I hope somebody will get us these infos and maybe a scan of the owner's manual, as it could be usefull.
I have a Mistral 16 that looks a lot like the CL16 but has a centre boom main sheeting system like the newer Cl16 ( if I look at the photos on the CL site. I can take measures of the genoa and main sheets (Mistral) if this can help you as these are stored indoor.