Our Family is surprised and sadden with the news, and we are sorry for the passing of Bob.

Our Family really enjoyed Bob's company at the Sandpiper Rendezvous. We really enjoyed Bob's humor and his great big smiles. With Bob being from MI USA and us from ON Canada, we also teased each other and debated some of the war of 1812 stuff since we are history buffs living on the usa/can border up here in the Soo.

For many years Bob traveled to the Sandpiper Rendezvous just attending by himself (solo) which speaks well of his sailing skills as most attending will always bring a crew. Our family when we could helped Bob (didn't we all) in launching or hauling out his Sandpiper.

Bob had a special way that made him appeal well to everyone in the group. He just flowed well and meshed well with everyone, and thus he will be missed at future events. We even offered to loan him a motor for one Rendezvous when he was having problems with his but he got it fixed it in time.

Sailing was Bob's passion and hobby, and Bob always said he wanted to bring his wife and family to the Rendezvous but conditions prevent him, I guess he just wanted all of us to have fun meeting his family and enjoy some sailing time together.

The following photos are of the 2010 FroliQUE NatiQUE Rendezvous on the Upper Ottawa River where we anchored by Constance Bay.


Little Wave 103