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Windy Island sent me the link to this old thread about jiffy reefing. Check it out!

This modified single-line reefing system hauls the clew down first, and then the tack. The advantage, is that the clew is usually the harder corner to pull down with the traditional single-line system.

Windy Island's technique is rather clever, I think.

Fig 1. Is same basic setup that we have been using for 9 years now and we can from the tiller, cockpit, or foredeck, put in a reef under sail with or without turning the boat into the wind, in less then 10 to 20 seconds. We also have two reef lines always set-up and recommend having them highly. (let main out some, pull reef, pull main up).

The old saying "When you think about putting a reef in its too late". Nope only takes me a few seconds.

Sure the mast end tightens slightly more but all you do is lift up your arm and pull forward a few inches of line and its tight at the boom end. With our small sail size is not much of a problem. I just use 2 blocks per reef per boom with the third being a swinging block and cleet combo on the lower mast.

The Fig 1 picture use 4 blocks and Fig 2 uses 5 blocks, and uses both sides of the boom whereas my configuration one side of the boom is for each reef line.
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