Hello Everyone,

It looks like it been a while since I've posted on the C&L Forum, life just took on a new direction once my lease for my manufacturing plant was terminated late in 2017. I apologize for not responding to posts, especially posts requesting help for parts, lines, etc.

The search for a new shop was not successful, so I have decided to retire from boatbuilding. Not retire, retire, are you freakin' kidding me, I've actually had to take on a real job. So much for retiring.

Sooooo, C&L Boatworks, in it's 50th year, will have some new blood to take the company in a new direction. I'm in discussions with several interested parties on the future operation of C&L, unfortunately it's been mainly with lightweights at this point. Number crunchers. Dreamers. Tirekickers. Chickenshits. Chickenshit money.

That being said, I'm counting on everyone's continued support for C&L Boatworks and it's new operators. I'm sure this grand old company, with the most loyal customer base in the marine industry, bar none, will be able to grow exponentially with the proper resources and capital to properly serve its loyal customers and build their beloved sailcraft.

I will be posting sale items on Facebook, you can bid or haggle on some of the stuff, everything is on sale, similar to our Pickers Auction I had on the forum a few years ago. Lots of stuff has to move!!!


Dave V.
50 Years 1968-2018
C&L Boatworks Facebook