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Special Events for the Year 1981 - Select Another Year in History?


Born :12/03/1981Brian Bonsall, actor (Family Ties, Star Trek Next Generation)
Born :12/13/1981Chelsea Hertford, actress (Major Dad)
Born :10/26/1981Chris Migus (famous musician) son of Sherril Migus
Born :01/28/1981Elijah Wood, actor
Born :03/13/1981Howard Coble, (Rep-R-NC, 1985- )
Born :11/26/1981Jamie Fiske, liver transplant recipient
Born :08/26/1981Macauley Culkin, actor (Home Alone, My Girl)
Born :10/08/1981Princess Juliana Edenia Antonia, of Netherlands
Born :10/18/1981Richard Vuu, actor (Last Emperor)
Born :02/08/1981Tommy Michaels, Staten Island NY, actor (Timmy Hutton-All My Children)
Born :05/15/1981Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, 10th in succession to British throne

Died :11/10/1981Abel Gance, french movie director, at 92
Died :09/01/1981Albert Speer, German NSDAP-architect/minister of Army,
Died :06/09/1981Allen Ludden, game show host (Password), at 63
Died :01/21/1981Allyn Joslyn, actor (They Won't Forget, Cafe Society), at 79
Died :08/18/1981Anita Loos, US (stage)author (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), at 88
Died :10/25/1981Ariel Durant, US author (Story of Civilization), at 83
Died :05/18/1981Arthur O'Connell, actor (Mr Peepers, 2nd Hundred Years), at 73
Died :09/05/1981Ayatollah Ali Qoddusi, prosecutor-general of Iran, assassinated
Died :02/05/1981Barend Barendse, sportscaster,
Died :01/17/1981Bernard Lee, actor (M in James Bond Movies), at 73
Died :01/12/1981Beulah Bondi, actress (It's a Wonderful Life), at 89
Died :02/09/1981Billy Haley, 1st rocker, at 55
Died :07/27/1981Billy [William] Wyler, US director (Ben Hur, Funny Girl),
Died :11/17/1981Bob Eberly, singer (Jimmy Dorsey Band), at 65
Died :05/11/1981Bob Marley, reggae singer, at 36 of brain and lung cancer
Died :05/05/1981Bobby Sands, IRA activists dies in his 66th day of his hunger strike
Died :01/23/1981Bobby Sherwood, orch leader (Milton Berle Show), at 66
Died :04/04/1981Brad Johnson, actor (Annie Oakley), at 56
Died :04/22/1981Brailsford Reese Brazeal, dean (Morehouse College), at 76
Died :06/01/1981Carl Vinson, (Rep-D-Ga, 1914-64), at 97
Died :06/03/1981Carleton Coon, anthropology prof (What in the World), at 76
Died :05/01/1981Clarence A Bacote, historian/political scientist, at 75
Died :09/27/1981Coenrad van Emde Boas, sexologist,
Died :04/01/1981D[ennis] F[eltham] Jones, sci-fi author (Colossus), at 65
Died :10/24/1981Deborah Baltzell, actress (Karen-I'm a Big Girl Now), at 25
Died :03/30/1981Dewitt Wallace, US founder (Reader's Digest), at 91
Died :04/25/1981Dixie, a mouse who lived 6ź years
Died :02/02/1981Donald W Douglas, US aircraft pioneer/builder, at 88
Died :01/15/1981Emanuel Celler, (Rep-D-NY, 1923-73), at 92
Died :11/16/1981Enid Markey, actress (Aunt Violet-Bringing Up Buddy), at 85
Died :03/29/1981Eric Williams, Prime Minister (Trinidad and Tobago), at 79
Died :01/22/1981Fannie Thomas, US, at 113
Died :10/15/1981Frank DeKova, actor (Chief Wild Eagle-F Troop)
Died :09/11/1981Frank McHugh, actor (Dawn Patrol, Going My Way), at 83
Died :07/31/1981Gen Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama, in plane crash
Died :05/23/1981George Jessel, US comic/toastmaster (Diary of young comic), at 83
Died :07/01/1981George Voskovec, actor (Fred-Nero Wolfe, Peter-Skag), at 76
Died :10/30/1981Georges Brassens, French screenwriter,
Died :10/05/1981Gloria Grahame, actress (Sue-Rich Man Poor Man), at 55
Died :12/29/1981Guido Provoost, Belgian historian,
Died :01/05/1981Harold C Urey, US chemist (Deuterium, Nobel 1934), at 87
Died :07/16/1981Harry Chapin, at 39, of a heart attack when his car is rear-ended
Died :11/21/1981Harry Von Zell, TV announcer (Burns and Allen), at 75
Died :11/12/1981Harry Von Zell, US TV host (Burns and Allen),
Died :10/02/1981Hazel Scott, singer/pianist, at 61
Died :09/08/1981Hediki Joekawa, Japans physicist (Nobel 1949),
Died :12/27/1981Hoagy Carmichael, US actor/songwriter (Stardust), at 82
Died :02/26/1981Howard Hanson, US composer/conductor (Nordic), at 84
Died :05/11/1981Hoyt J Fuller, editor (1st World magazine), at 57
Died :07/25/1981Ian Martin, actor (Uncle Bill-O'Neills), at 69
Died :11/25/1981Jack Albertson, actor (Chico and the Man), at 74
Died :05/24/1981Jack Warner, [Waters], actor (Captive Heart)/variety artist,
Died :03/02/1981Janear Hines, actress (Roberta-Julia), at 30
Died :05/17/1981Jeannette Ridlon Piccard, 1st US woman free balloon pilot,
Died :04/26/1981Jim Davis, actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas), at 65
Died :08/27/1981Joan Edwards, singer (Joan Edwards Show), at 62
Died :04/12/1981Joe Louis, [Brown bomber], US heavyweight champ (1937-49), at 66
Died :03/07/1981John Gnagy, artist (Learn to Draw), at 73
Died :12/10/1981John Kieran, TV host (Information Please), at 89
Died :06/16/1981John S Knight, US newspaper magnate, at 86
Died :09/19/1981Joke Smit, feminist,
Died :08/31/1981Joseph H Hirschhorn, US art collector/founder H Museum, at 82
Died :10/05/1981Jud Strunk, singer/comedian (Laugh-In), at 48
Died :07/07/1981Keefe Brasselle, actor (Be Our Guest), at 58
Died :03/06/1981Klaus Grabowski, child molester, shot by parent
Died :02/05/1981Kuda Bux, Indian mystic (I'd Like to See), at 75
Died :07/08/1981Loring Smith, actor (Hartmans), at 86
Died :11/27/1981Lotte Lenya, singer/actress (From Russia With Love), in NY at 83
Died :08/29/1981Lowell Thomas, newscaster (High Adventure), in Pawling NY, at 89
Died :04/26/1981Madge Evans, TV panelist (Masquerade Party), at 71
Died :05/28/1981Mary Lou Williams, black musician, at 71 in Durham NC
Died :03/09/1981Max Delbrock, German/US biologist (Nobel 1969),
Died :11/27/1981Max [Machgielis] Euwe, chess champ (1935-37),
Died :12/18/1981Mehmet Shehu, premier Albania/"US-Russ spy", commits suicide
Died :08/04/1981Melvyn Douglas, [Hesselberg], actor (Woman's Face, Hud), at 80
Died :04/28/1981Mickey "Toy Bulldog" Walker, welterweight champ (1922-26) dies at 79
Died :02/15/1981Mike Bloomfield, guitarist/singer (Electric Flag), at 37
Died :08/30/1981Mohammad Ali Rajai, president of Iran, assassinated by a bomb
Died :08/30/1981Mohammad Javad Bahonar, prime minister of Iran, assassinated by a bomb
Died :10/16/1981Moshe Dayan, Israel's general/minister of Defense, at 66
Died :11/29/1981Natalie Wood, actress, drowns off Santa Catalina Calif, at 43
Died :05/09/1981Nelson Algren, US writer (Man with the Golden Arm), at 72
Died :04/08/1981Omar Bradley, last US 5-star general, (Normandy) dies in NY at 88
Died :09/24/1981Patsy Kelly, actress (Brigid Murphy-Cop and the Kid), at 71
Died :01/05/1981Paul F?lix, Belgian architect,
Died :10/19/1981Paul Snoek, [Edm Schietekat], Belgian poet, at 48
Died :06/26/1981Peter Kreuder, German composer,
Died :12/13/1981Pigmeat Markham, comedian (Here Comes da Judge-Laugh In), at 75
Died :07/27/1981Ray Harrison, dancer (American Song), at 64
Died :01/10/1981Richard Boone, actor (Paladin-Have Gun Will Travel), at 63
Died :11/30/1981Robert H Harris, actor (Jake-Goldbergs), at 72
Died :09/27/1981Robert Montgomery, actor/dir (Robert Montgomery Presents), at 77
Died :08/26/1981Roger Nash Baldwin, founder (ACLU), at 97
Died :05/25/1981Rosa Ponselle, US singer (Metropolitan Opera), at 84
Died :07/03/1981Ross Martin, actor (Mr Lucky, Wild Wild West), at 61
Died :09/08/1981Roy Wilkins, longtime executive director of NAACP, at 80
Died :06/10/1981Russell "Lucky" Hayden, actor (Judge Roy Bean), at 68
Died :01/23/1981Samuel Barber, US composer (School for scandal, at 74
Died :09/15/1981Sara Haden, actress (A Family Affair), at 83
Died :05/28/1981Stefan Wyszynski, Polish Cardinal,
Died :09/04/1981Verne Rowe, actor (Verne-Fernwood 2 Night), at 59
Died :11/07/1981Will Durant, US author (story of civilization), at 96
Died :10/16/1981William Holden, actor (Casino Royale), at 63
Died :09/13/1981William Loeb, publisher of Manchester Union Leader, NH, at 75
Died :10/29/1981William O Walker, publisher of Cleveland Call Post, at 85
Died :05/18/1981William Saroyan, US stagewriter (Time of your life), at 72
Died :07/27/1981William Wyler, US director (Ben Hur),
Died :01/08/1981Woody Chamblis, actor (Mr Lathrop-Gunsmoke), at 66
Died :06/23/1981Zarah Leander, Swedish/German actress/singers,
Died :05/30/1981Ziaur Rahmen, pres of Bangladesh, is assassinated
Died :10/06/1981[Mohammed] Anwar al-Sadat, president Egypt (1970-81), assassinated

Special :04/10/1981"Caveman" with Ringo premiers
Special :12/20/1981"Dreamgirls" opens on Broadway
Special :01/12/1981"Dynasty" with Joan Collins premiers on ABC-TV
Special :06/26/1981"For Your Eyes Only" premiers in US
Special :01/04/1981"Frankenstein" opens and closes on Broadway
Special :09/10/1981"Guernica" of Pablo Picasso returns to Spain
Special :01/15/1981"Hill Street Blues" premiers on NBC-TV
Special :03/24/1981"Nightline with Ted Koppel" premiers on ABC
Special :05/30/1981"Nightline" extends from 4 nights to 5 nights a week (Friday)
Special :01/05/1981"Nightline" with Ted Koppel extended from 20 mins to 30 mins
Special :02/21/1981"Yorkshire ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, murderer of 13 women, captured
Special :01/12/1981-35° F (-37° C), Chester, Massachusetts (state record)
Special :02/01/198111th AFC-NFC pro bowl, NFC wins 21-7
Special :06/21/198112-bottle case of 1979 Napamedoc Cabernet wine auctioned for $24,000
Special :08/03/198113,000 Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO) begin their strike
Special :12/01/1981180 dies as Yugoslav DC-9 jetliner slams into a mountain
Special :11/01/19811st Class Mail raised from 18? to 20?
Special :01/23/19811st Richard Nixon museum opens (San Clemente Calif)
Special :04/14/19811st Space Shuttle-Columbia 1-returns to Earth
Special :11/12/19811st balloon crossing of Pacific is completed (Double Eagle V)
Special :03/22/19811st class postage raised to 18? from 15?
Special :04/27/19811st female soccer official is hired by NASL
Special :03/07/19811st homicide at Disneyland, 18 year old is stabbed to death
Special :10/31/19811st live radio drama in 25 years (Halloween Story on NBC)
Special :07/07/19811st solar-powered aircraft, Solar Challenger, crosses English Channel
Special :06/22/19812 Habash terrorists attack a travel agency in Greece killing 2
Special :08/19/19812 US Navy F-14 jet fighters shoot down 2 Soviet-built Libyan SU-22
Special :07/26/19812 climbers rappell 550 m down cliff near Angel Falls, Venezuela
Special :03/19/19812 workers killed in space shuttle Columbia accident
Special :05/15/19812nd City TV's (SCTV) network premier (NBC)
Special :11/14/19812nd Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 2-returns to Earth
Special :11/12/19812nd shuttle mission-1st time spacecraft launched twice (Columbia 2)
Special :10/20/19813 members of Weather underground arrested for armored truck robbery
Special :06/23/198133-inning game ends, Pawtucket 3, Rochester 2
Special :09/13/198133rd Emmy Awards (Hill Street Blues big winner)
Special :06/13/198139 Unification church couples wed in Germany
Special :11/01/19813rd meeting of Giants-Jets, Jets up 2-1 with 26-7 win
Special :11/21/1981400,000 demonstrate for Peace in Amsterdam
Special :01/22/198140th Islander shut-out opponent-3-0 vs Red Wings-Billy Smith 15th
Special :07/31/198142 day old, 2nd major league baseball strike ends
Special :01/06/198150th hat trick in Islander history-John Tonelli scored 5 goals
Special :01/25/198152 Americans held hostage by Iran for 444 days arrived back in US
Special :01/20/198152 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days freed
Special :03/31/198153rd Academy Awards-"Ordinary People" wins
Special :08/09/19816 English lifeguards set relay swim record English Channel (7:17)
Special :02/10/19818 killed and 198 injured by fire at Las Vegas Hilton
Special :02/26/198184 penalties (406 mins) assessed for a brawl between NHL Minn and Bost
Special :05/27/1981A Gilmore and P Kilmartin discovers asteroid #2434 Bateson
Special :08/30/1981A Gilmore and P Kilmartin discovers asteroid #3087 Beatrice Tinsley
Special :04/02/1981A Gilmore and P Kilmartin discovers asteroid #3400
Special :01/08/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #2367 Praha
Special :10/23/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #2559
Special :11/17/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #2889
Special :10/25/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #3017
Special :12/20/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #3130, #3334 and #3550
Special :08/28/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #3645
Special :08/07/1981A Mrkos discovers asteroid #3727
Special :05/25/1981Al Unser becomes 1st Indy 500 winner to be disqualified
Special :05/24/1981Al Unser wins, loses, and wins a controversial Indy 500
Special :06/23/1981Amanda Maccaro becomes 1st American to win Russian Ballet Competition
Special :08/24/1981American Charles Chapman is 1st black to swim English Channel
Special :11/20/1981Anatoly Karpov, USSR retains world chess championship
Special :10/27/1981Andrew Young, former UN Ambassador, elected mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
Special :11/01/1981Antigua and Barbuda gains independence from Britain (National Day)
Special :10/10/1981Anwar Sadat's funeral service is held in Cairo
Special :09/13/1981April Moon sets women's handbow distance record of 1,039 yds and 13"
Special :07/31/1981Arnette Hubbard installed as 1st woman president of Natl Bar Assn
Special :04/03/1981Arnie Boldt of Saskatchewan jumped 6' 8.25", with 1 leg
Special :09/13/1981Atlanta Falcons tie record of 31 points in 4th quarter (vs Green Bay)
Special :03/13/1981Attempt on Pope John Paul II by Mehemet Ali Agca
Special :02/23/1981Attempted military coup in Spain
Special :09/26/1981B A Skiff and N G Thomas discovers asteroid #2557 Putnam
Special :11/02/1981B A Skiff discovers asteroid #2525 O'Steen, #2588 Flavia and #3434
Special :01/13/1981Barbara Sonntag, Colo, crochets record 147 stitches/min for 30 mi
Special :06/02/1981Barbara Walters asks Katharine Hepburn what kind of tree she would be
Special :06/12/1981Baseball players begin a 50 day strike, their 3rd strike
Special :04/27/1981Beatle Ringo Starr marries actress Barbara Bach [Goldbach]
Special :09/21/1981Belize (British Honduras) gains independence from UK
Special :09/20/1981Belize declares independence
Special :07/07/1981Ben Plucknett of US throws discus 72.34 m, but throw is disqualified
Special :01/21/1981Bernhard Goetz is assault for 1st time on a NY subway train
Special :10/29/1981Bill Gates becomes CEO of Phila Phillies
Special :04/24/1981Bill Shoemaker wins his 8,000th race, 2000 more than any other jockey
Special :05/01/1981Billie Jean King admits to a lesbian affair with Marilyn Barnett
Special :06/07/1981Bjorn Borg wins his 6th French Open singles (defeats Ivan Lendl)
Special :09/06/1981Bob Lemon named Yankee manager
Special :06/19/1981Boeing commercial Chinook 2-rotor helicopter is certified
Special :01/13/1981Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to May Swenson
Special :02/26/1981Boston and Minnesota play most penalty-filled NHL game-406 min total
Special :02/24/1981Boston Celtics begin 18 NBA game win streak
Special :05/14/1981Boston Celtics win their 14th NBA championship (beat Houston Rockets)
Special :03/19/1981Buffalo Sabres beat Toronto Maple Leafs 14-4
Special :03/18/1981Buffalo Sabres sets NHL record of 9 goals in 1 period (vs Toronto)
Special :11/20/1981Burundia adopts its constitution
Special :08/28/1981C Kowal discovers asteroid #3163
Special :05/06/1981C Shoemaker discovers asteroids #2742 Gibson, #2773 and #2982 Muriel
Special :07/10/1981CERN achieves 1st proton-antiproton beam collision (570 GeV)
Special :02/25/1981Calgary Flames score 11 goals against Islanders
Special :02/28/1981Calvin Murphy (Hou), sets NBA record with 78 consecutive free throws
Special :06/27/1981Cambodia adopts its constitution
Special :02/12/1981Cape Verde ammends its constitution
Special :06/05/1981Center of Disease Control reports of a pneumonia affecting gays (AIDS)
Special :02/21/1981Charles Rocket clearly says "fuck" on Saturday Night Live
Special :03/11/1981Chile constitution takes effect
Special :06/30/1981China's Communist Party condemns late Mao Tse-tung's policy
Special :02/17/1981Chrysler Corp reports largest corporate losses in US history
Special :12/21/1981Cincinnati beats Bradley 75-73 in 7 OTs (NCAA record)
Special :01/03/1981Cleveland Cavaliers retire jersey # 34, Austin Carr
Special :08/10/1981Coca-Cola Bottling Co agrees to pump $34 million into black business
Special :08/04/1981Columbia mated with SRBs and external tank for STS-2 mission
Special :11/04/1981Columbia shuttle launch scrubbed with 31 secs remaining
Special :04/16/1981Columbia space shuttle returns [04/24]
Special :04/10/1981Computer glitch keeps Space Shuttle Columbia grounded
Special :11/03/1981D J Tholen discovers asteroid #3124 Kansas
Special :03/09/1981Dan Rather becomes primary anchorman of CBS-TV News
Special :06/21/1981David Graham wins US Open golf tournament
Special :08/27/1981Divers begin to recover a safe found aboard Andrea Doria
Special :12/20/1981Dou Small (Winnipeg Jets) ties NHL record scoring at 5 second mark
Special :08/06/1981Due to strike, Yanks, A's, Philles and Dodgers declared 1st ź champs
Special :12/30/1981E Bowell disc asteroid #2984 Chaucer, #3247 Di Martino and #3549 Hapke
Special :01/01/1981E Bowell disc asteroids 2357 Phereclos, 2761 Eddington and 3197 Weissman
Special :01/14/1981E Bowell discovers asteroid #2762 Fowler
Special :12/20/1981E Bowell discovers asteroid #2904 Millman and #3353 Jarvis
Special :08/05/1981E Bowell discovers asteroid #3402 Wisdom
Special :04/05/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #2383 Bradley and #2433 Sootiyo
Special :01/03/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #2410 Morrison and #3267 Glo
Special :07/26/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #2845 Franklinken and #2882 Tedesco
Special :03/09/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #3057 Malaren, #3106 Morabito and #3667
Special :08/03/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #3115 Baily and #3690
Special :11/20/1981E Bowell discovers asteroids #3387 Greenberg and #3545 Gaffey
Special :11/04/1981E F Helin and R S Dunbar discovers asteroid #3360
Special :10/28/1981Edward M McIntrye elected 1st black mayor of Augusta Georgia
Special :09/12/1981Elizabeth Ward (Arkansas) is crowned Miss America
Special :09/24/1981Enterprise Radio (all sports) goes off air
Special :09/14/1981Entertainment Tonight premiers on TV
Special :06/19/1981European Space Agency's Ariane carries 2 satellites into orbit
Special :11/03/1981F Borngen and K Kirsch discovers asteroids #2861 Lambrecht and #3499 Hoppe
Special :12/30/1981F Dossin discovers asteroid #3198 Wallonia
Special :12/02/1981F Dossin discovers asteroid #3435 Boury
Special :08/05/1981Federal govt began firing striking air traffic controllers
Special :04/20/1981Final performance of TV show "Soap" airs
Special :09/01/1981Fiona Brothers sets women's propeller boat speed record (116.279 MPH)
Special :02/20/1981Flight readiness firing of Columbia's main engines; 20 seconds
Special :05/21/1981Francois Mitterrand becomes president of France
Special :05/10/1981Francois Mitterrand defeats Valery Giscard d'Estang for Pres of France
Special :02/26/1981French Train ? Grande Vitesse averages 380 kph on trial run
Special :12/12/1981Gambia and Senegal sign agreement to be known as Senegambia in Feb 1982
Special :08/14/1981George Foster hits his 8th HR into red seats at Riverfront
Special :05/15/1981George Harrison releases "All Those Years Ago" in UK
Special :06/05/1981George Harrison releases "Somewhere in England"
Special :01/01/1981Georgia beats Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl for college football title
Special :09/03/1981Gerald P Remy of Boston gets 6 hits in a baseball game
Special :02/27/1981Greatest passenger load on a commercial airliner-610 on Boeing 747
Special :12/24/1981Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa and Lisa Evers marry
Special :08/28/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroid #2707 Ueferji
Special :08/23/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroid #2852 and #3274
Special :02/28/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroid #2958
Special :03/06/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroid #3235
Special :02/26/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroid #3268 De Sanctis
Special :03/05/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroids #2461 and #3610
Special :03/04/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroids #2765 and #3705
Special :03/01/1981H Debehogne discovers asteroids #2788, #3016, #3308 Ferreri and #3740
Special :05/01/1981Harrison Williams (Sen-D-NJ) convicted on FBI Abscam charges
Special :08/01/1981Harvard College discovers asteroid #3401
Special :06/19/1981Heaviest known orange (2.5 kg) exhibited, Nelspruit, S Africa
Special :08/16/1981Highest score in World Cup soccor match (New Zealand-13, F?i-0)
Special :05/24/1981Hostage situation ends at Central Bank in Barcelona Spain
Special :05/16/1981Houston Astro Craig Reynolds hits 3 triples beating Cubs 6-1
Special :09/26/1981Houston Astro Nolan Ryan 5th no-hitter beats LA Dodgers, 5-0
Special :08/12/1981IBM introduces PC and PC-DOS version 1.0
Special :04/24/1981IBM-PC introduced
Special :06/10/1981IRA's Joseph Doherty escapes from Crumlin Road Jail
Special :04/10/1981Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands elected to British Parliment
Special :10/07/1981In 1st Eastern Division championship Yanks beat Brewers 5-3
Special :06/19/1981India's APPLE satellite, 1st to be stabilized on 3 axes, launched
Special :01/01/1981International Year for the Disabled begins
Special :01/18/1981Iran accepts US offer of $7.9 billion in frozen assets
Special :10/03/1981Irish Nationalist at Maze Prison near Belfast end 7-mo hunger strike
Special :03/01/1981Irish Rep Army Bobby Sand begins hunger strike in Maze Prison
Special :01/20/1981Islander Glenn Resch's 25th and last shut-out opponent-Flames 5-0
Special :05/17/1981Islanders score 5 power play goals against Flyers in a playoff
Special :01/24/1981Islanders scored 5 power play goals against Nordiques
Special :04/08/1981Islanders scored 9 goals against Toronto in playoffs
Special :04/17/1981Isle Potvin's 3 playoff power-play goals tie NHL record vs Oilers
Special :03/03/1981Isle's Mike Bossy 9th and final hat trick of season-4 goals
Special :12/14/1981Israel annexes Golan Heights
Special :06/07/1981Israeli F-15/F-16 destroys alleged Iraqi plutonium production facility
Special :07/09/1981Jacksons begin a 36-city tour
Special :02/21/1981Japan launches Hinotori satellite to study solar flares (580/640 k)
Special :02/24/1981Jean Harris is convicted of murdering Scarsdale diet doctor Tarnower
Special :03/20/1981Jean Harris sentenced 15-to-life for slaying of Scarsdale Diet Dr
Special :08/25/1981Jeff Schwartz, sets solo record for trampoline bouncing (266:09)
Special :08/18/1981Jerry Lewis appears on "Donahue" to defend Telethons
Special :01/--/1981Jerry Reinsford becomes CEO of Chicago White Sox
Special :09/20/1981Joe Danelo kicks then NY Giant record 55 yard field goal
Special :08/28/1981John Hinckley Jr pleads innocent in attempt to kill Pres Reagan
Special :05/27/1981John Hinckley attempts suicide by overdosing on Tylenol
Special :03/27/1981John Lennon releases "Watching the Wheels" in UK
Special :01/16/1981John Lennon releases "Woman" in UK
Special :09/13/1981John McEnroe beats Bj?rn B?rg for US Open title
Special :06/22/1981John McEnroe exhibites a disgraceful act of misbehavior at Wimbeldon
Special :01/10/1981John Severin sets 100-mi unicycle speed record, 9 h 21 m
Special :08/12/1981Jon Erikson (US) becomes 1st to triple cross English Channel (38:27)
Special :09/07/1981Judge Wapner and People's Court premier on TV
Special :05/09/1981Kazimiroff Blvd in Bronx named for a Bronx historian
Special :05/11/1981Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" hits #1, stay there 9 weeks
Special :02/09/1981L Brozek discovers asteroid #2622 Bolzano and #3423
Special :08/21/1981L Brozek discovers asteroid #3102
Special :05/08/1981L Brozek discovers asteroid #3419
Special :09/05/1981L Brozek discovers asteroid #3603
Special :07/02/1981L E Gonzalez discovers asteroid #3495 Colchagua
Special :09/27/1981L G Karachkina discovers asteroid #3453 Dostoevsky
Special :09/07/1981L G Karachkina discovers asteroid #3620
Special :10/04/1981L G Karachkina discovers asteroid #3623
Special :09/25/1981L G Taff discovers asteroid #3403 Tammy
Special :11/21/1981L Kohoutek discovers asteroid #3635
Special :09/08/1981L Zhuravleva discovers asteroid #3587
Special :09/29/1981L Zhuravleva discovers asteroid #3622
Special :10/19/1981LA Dodgers beat Montreal Expos for NL pennant
Special :10/26/1981LA Dodgers beat NY Yankees, 4 games to 2 in 78th World Series
Special :08/09/1981Larry Nelson wins PGA golf tournament
Special :07/01/1981Laurel Canyon Calif murders (4 die, 1 wounded)
Special :10/11/1981LeRoy Irvin sets yards gained on punt returns record (207 yds)
Special :05/27/1981Lenny Randle tries to blow a slow roller foul but ump says no
Special :05/15/1981Leonard Barker of Cleveland pitches perfect game vs Toronto
Special :09/04/1981Longest game at Fenway Park completed in 20, Mariners-8, Red Sox-7
Special :09/03/1981Longest game in Fenway Park, suspended in 19, Mariners-7, Red Sox-7
Special :02/13/1981Longest sentence published by NY Times-1286 words
Special :12/31/1981Lt Jerry Rawlings becomes head of Ghana, suspends constitution
Special :11/16/1981Luke marries Laura on General Hospital
Special :08/01/1981MTV premiers at 12:01 AM
Special :04/12/1981Maiden voyage Space Transit System-space shuttle Columbia launched
Special :12/05/1981Marcus Allen of USC wins Heisman Trophy
Special :06/11/1981Mariners beat Orioles 8-2 at Kingdome, then players go on strike
Special :08/25/1981Mark Chapman, John Lennon's murderer, is sentenced to 20 years
Special :08/24/1981Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 yrs to life for Lennon's murder
Special :06/22/1981Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to killing John Lennon
Special :04/25/1981Maureen Reagan (40) marries 3rd husband, Dennis Revell (28)
Special :12/17/1981Members of Red Brigades kidnap Brig Gen James L Dozier
Special :01/23/1981Mike Bossy becomes 1st in NHL to score 50 goals in 50 games
Special :02/05/1981Milt jury in NC convicts Robert Garwood of collaborating with enemy
Special :05/10/1981Montreal Expo Charlie Lee no-hits SF Giants, 4-0
Special :12/02/1981Moscone Convention Center, SF opens at 11:30 AM
Special :01/19/1981Muhammad Ali talks a despondent 21 year old out of committing suicide
Special :12/11/1981Muhammad Ali's 61st and last fight, losing to Trevor Berbick
Special :09/02/1981N Chernykh discovers asteroid #2983 Poltava
Special :09/03/1981N Chernykh discovers asteroid #3504
Special :09/03/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroid #2527 Gregory
Special :01/03/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroid #2684 Douglas
Special :10/05/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroid #2927 Alamosa and #3584
Special :01/10/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroids #2366 Aaryn, #2683 Brian and #2895 Memnon
Special :02/08/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroids #2556 Louise and #2764 Moeller
Special :09/26/1981N G Thomas discovers asteroids #2558 Viv, #3467 Bernheim and #3621
Special :02/06/1981N Thomas discovers asteroids #2779 Mary, #2999 Dante and #3352 McAuliffe
Special :02/21/1981NASA launches Comstar D-4
Special :08/06/1981NASA launches Fltsatcom-5, it failed
Special :05/14/1981NASA launches space vehicle S-192
Special :11/17/1981NBA NY Knick Bill Cartwright, ties record of 19 of 19 free throws
Special :02/25/1981NHL most penalized game; Bruins vs Northstars, 84 penalites (392 mins)
Special :08/09/1981NL beats AL 5-4 in 52nd All Star Game (Cleveland Stadium)
Special :10/18/1981NY Giant Joe Danelo ties NFL record of 6 field goals in a game
Special :03/03/1981NY Islanders and Edmonton Oilers play to an 8-8 tie
Special :05/21/1981NY Islanders beat Minn North Stars 4 games to 1 for Stanley Cup
Special :02/25/1981NY Islanders give up their most goals (11) vs Calgary Flames
Special :07/26/1981NY Mayor Ed Koch is given Heimlich maneuver in a Chinese restaurant
Special :06/23/1981NYC mayor Koch turns down a $7,500 offer to perform comedy
Special :07/03/1981NYC transit fare rises from 60? to 75?, new brass Y-cut-out token
Special :09/04/1981Newscaster David Brinkley is released by NBC
Special :10/19/1981Nicolaas Bloembergen and Arthur Schawlow win Nobel for physics (laser)
Special :09/25/1981Nolan Ryan's 5th career no-hitter as Astros beat Dodgers 5-0
Special :01/22/1981O A "Bum" Phillips becomes head coach of the New Orleans Saints
Special :09/05/1981Oak Ridge Observatory discovers asteroid #2872 Gentelec
Special :12/27/1981Oiler Wayne Gretsky becomes fastest NHL to get 100 pts (38th game)
Special :11/14/1981Old Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park repaired and working again
Special :08/04/1981Oliver North is assigned to white house duty
Special :11/21/1981Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," single goes #1 and stays for 10 weeks
Special :01/01/1981Palau (Trust Territory of Pacific Is) becomes self-governing
Special :01/11/1981Palau adopts constitution
Special :10/04/1981Pasakevi Kouna of Greece (9) is youngest intl gymnastics participant
Special :02/--/1981Paterson releases IBM's 86-DOS
Special :02/27/1981Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder record "Ebony and Ivory"
Special :04/18/1981Pawtucket and Rochester start a 33-inning baseball game
Special :02/23/1981People mag features drug ordeal of Mackenzie and Papa John Phillips
Special :12/11/1981Peru's Javier Perez de Cuellar becomes sec-gen of UN
Special :06/10/1981Pete Rose ties Stan Musial's NL record of 3,630 hits
Special :08/10/1981Pete Rose tops Stan Musial's NL record 3,630 hits
Special :02/12/1981Pete Squires sets record for 1575 steps of Empire State Bldg, 10m
Special :01/05/1981Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, arrested in England
Special :04/05/1981Phila Flyers amass a record 2,621 penalty minutes
Special :04/29/1981Phillie Steve Carlton strikes out his 3,000th batter
Special :12/13/1981Polish govt declares martial law, arrests Solidarity activists
Special :06/03/1981Pope John Paul II released from hospital after attempt on life
Special :05/13/1981Pope John Paul II shot, wounded by assailant in St Peter's Square
Special :11/30/1981Porn star John Holmes arrested on fugitive charges
Special :12/09/1981Porn star John Holmes charged with Laurel Canyon murders
Special :08/05/1981Pres Regan fires 11,500 air traffic controllers who struck 2 days ago
Special :05/16/1981Pretenders' Martin Chambers weds Tracy Atkinson
Special :07/29/1981Prince Charles of England weds Lady Diane Spencer
Special :10/22/1981Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization decertified
Special :04/13/1981Pulitzer prize awarded to Beth Henley for "Crimes of the heart"
Special :10/24/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3088 and #3462
Special :11/18/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3136
Special :12/02/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3221
Special :12/21/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3388
Special :12/20/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroid #3611 and #3704
Special :10/23/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroids #2903 and #3024
Special :12/03/1981Purple Mountain Observatory discovers asteroids #3089 and #3463
Special :07/01/1981Radio Shack 3rd release of Model III TRSDOS 1.3
Special :05/02/1981Radio Shack re-releases Model III TRSDOS 1.3 with 2 fixes
Special :05/01/1981Radio Shack releases Model III TRSDOS 1.3
Special :07/05/1981Rajan Mahadevan recites 31,811 digits of Ń from memory
Special :04/17/1981Ranger's Anders Hedberg is 2nd to score on a Stanley Cup penalty shot
Special :08/10/1981Richard Nixon Museum in San Clemente closes
Special :11/20/1981Ringo releases "Stop and Smell Roses" album
Special :11/13/1981Ringo releases "Wrack My Brains"
Special :02/25/1981Rita Jenrette (wife of Abscam congressman) appears on Donahue
Special :08/15/1981Robin Leamy of US swims record 7.98 kph for 50 m
Special :04/20/1981Rocker Papa John Phillips arrested for drug possession
Special :02/15/1981Rocket-powered ice sled attains 399 kph, Lake George, NY
Special :05/04/1981Rockline premiers on KLOS FM in Los Angeles
Special :01/01/1981Roger Smith becomes CEO of General Motors
Special :09/25/1981Rolling Stones begin their 6th US tour (JFK Stadium, Phila)
Special :05/08/1981Ron Davis pitches 10th consecutive strike out, 1 short of record
Special :04/11/1981Ronald Reagan arrives home from hospital after Hinkley shot him
Special :01/20/1981Ronald Reagan inaugurated as president
Special :03/03/1981S J Bus discovers asteroid #3059
Special :03/06/1981S J Bus discovers asteroid #3269
Special :02/28/1981S J Bus discovers asteroids #2780 Monnig, #3287, #3307 and #3602
Special :11/22/1981SD Charger Dan Fouts passes for 6 touchdowns vs Oakland (55-21)
Special :04/24/1981San Antonio blocks 20 Golden State shots to set NBA reg game record
Special :09/21/1981Sandra Day O'Conner becomes 1st female Supreme Court Justice
Special :09/22/1981Sandra Day O'Connor appointed to Supreme Court
Special :09/25/1981Sandra Day O'Connor sworn in as 1st female supreme court justice
Special :09/19/1981Satellites China 10 and 11 launched into Earth orbit by B-1 rocket
Special :09/04/1981Seattle Mariners beat Boston Red Sox, 8-7, in 20 inn (started 9/3)
Special :06/10/1981Sebastian Coe of Englands sets 800m record (1:41.73) in Florence
Special :07/11/1981Sebastian Coe of UK sets record for 1000 m, 2:12.18
Special :06/10/1981Sebastian Coe runs world record 800 m (1:41.73)
Special :07/08/1981Senate confirms Sandra Day O'Conner to Supreme Court (99-0)
Special :09/30/1981Seoul, South Korea is selected to host 1988 Summer Olympics
Special :06/10/1981Seven Brothers Square in Bronx named honoring 7 Santini Bro Moving Co
Special :07/16/1981Shukuni Sasaki spins 72 plates simultaneously
Special :09/19/1981Simon and Garfunkel reunite for a NYC Central Park concert
Special :07/07/1981Solar Challenger powered only by solar energy crosses English Channel
Special :03/22/1981Soyuz 39 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Mongolian) to Salyut 6
Special :03/06/1981Soyuz 39 returns to Earth
Special :05/15/1981Soyuz 40 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Rumanian) to Salyut 6
Special :05/22/1981Soyuz 40 returns to Earth
Special :03/12/1981Soyuz T-4 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station
Special :05/26/1981Soyuz T-4 returns to Earth
Special :08/26/1981Space Shuttle vehicle moves to Launch Complex 39A for STS-2 mission
Special :12/11/1981Spacelab I arrives at Kennedy Space Center
Special :12/07/1981Spain becomes a member of the NATO
Special :09/21/1981Steve Carlton strikes out NL record 3,118th (Andre Dawson)
Special :02/06/1981Suleiman Nyambui runs world record 5000 m indoor (13:20.4)
Special :01/25/1981Super Bowl XV-Oakland Raiders-27, Philadelphia Eagles-10
Special :06/25/1981Supreme Court upholds male-only draft registration, constitutional
Special :10/05/1981Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg becomes an honarary American
Special :05/04/1981T Furuta discovers asteroid #2478 Tokai
Special :11/18/1981T Furuta discovers asteroid #2908 Shimoyama
Special :02/09/1981T Seki discovers asteroid #2396 Kochi and #2621 Goto
Special :10/23/1981T Seki discovers asteroid #2571 Geisei
Special :09/26/1981T Seki discovers asteroid #2582 Harimaya-Bashi
Special :10/06/1981T Smirnova discovers asteroid #3652
Special :06/05/1981TODAY/PC runs for 1st time
Special :06/13/1981Teenager fires 6 blanks at Queen Elizabeth II
Special :06/13/1981Tom Snyder interviews Charles Manson on "Tomorrow"
Special :03/22/1981Toshihiko Seko runs world record 25k (1:13:55.8)
Special :07/22/1981Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca sentenced in a Rome to life
Special :12/11/1981UN Sec Council chose Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru as 5th Sec Genl
Special :01/19/1981US and Iran sign agreement to release 52 American hostages
Special :09/15/1981US Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves Sandra Day O'Connor
Special :03/05/1981US govt grants Atlanta $1 million to search for black boy murderer
Special :10/23/1981US national debt hits $1 trillion
Special :10/22/1981US national debt tops $1 trillion
Special :04/09/1981US sub George Washington rams Japanese freighter Nisso Maru
Special :10/11/1981Unknown rocker Prince opens for Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum
Special :04/11/1981Valerie Bertinelli marries Eddie Van Halen
Special :09/09/1981Vernon E Jordan resigns as president of National Urban League
Special :10/13/1981Vice President Hosni Mubarak elected president of Egypt
Special :07/25/1981Voyager 2 encounters Saturn
Special :08/26/1981Voyager 2 takes photo's of Saturn's moon Titan
Special :08/25/1981Voyager 2's closest approach to Saturn (63,000 miles/100,000 km)
Special :03/06/1981Walter Cronkite signs-off as anchorman of "The CBS Evening News"
Special :03/12/1981Walter R T Witschey installs world's largest sundial, Richmond, VA
Special :12/11/1981Wash Capitals biggest margin of victory (9) beating Toronto 11-2
Special :04/13/1981Wash Post Janet Cooke wins Pulitzer Prize (later admits story a hoax)
Special :12/12/1981Wayne Gretsky scores quickest 50th goal (game 39)
Special :12/30/1981Wayne Gretzky sets NHL record of 50 goals by 39th game of season
Special :01/18/1981Wendy O Williams arrested in Milwaukee for on-stage obscenity
Special :04/07/1981Willem Klein mentally extracts 13th root of a 100-digit # in 29 sec
Special :10/11/1981Yanks beat Brewers 7-3 and win only Eastern Championship Series
Special :10/15/1981Yanks defeat A's 4-0 and win 33rd pennant
Special :03/28/1981Yevgeni Kulikov skates world record 500m (36.91 secs)
Special :09/22/1981Z Vavrova discovers asteroid #3149 Okudjeva

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