DR. MICHAEL RIVA orthodontist

Foods To Avoid


Sweet foods (e.g. soft drinks, honey, ice cream, desserts) should not be eaten while wearing braces. Consumption of too many sweets, combined with less than ideal oral hygiene, can lead to marks on the teeth and/or cavities as illustrated below.
Marks on the teeth Decalcification marks on the teeth from too much sugar and poor oral hygiene while wearing braces.
In addition, foods that may dislodge the braces must be eaten cautiously. These include sticky foods (e.g. toffee, chewing gum) stringy foods (e.g. celery), and hard foods (e.g. raw carrots, corn on the cob, chicken wings, nuts, hard candies).

Although these dietary restrictions may seem disappointing, they are important for the long term health of the teeth. You may be pleased to know that the following foods are considered safe to eat with braces: diet soft drinks, all fruits and vegetables (provided they are cut into small pieces), unsweetened juices, potato chips, cheese, and pizza. For some delicious recipes suitable for patients with braces, we encourage you to visit our orthodontic recipe book.