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We have been growing quality Christmas trees in the beautiful St. Johns’ Valley since 1962. Please explore our site to find a brief history of our farm, the days and times we are open, the tree varieties and prices charged, directions to our farm, and tips on how to reduce gypsy moth damage.

Dec 14, 2013
The customers coming out today tell us we still have many nice trees so we are going to remain open on Sunday Dec 15.

Dec 9, 2013
We have been very busy so far, so the selection is definitely dropping. We no longer have any 8' trees that would qualify for the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens". The best gauge of the current quality is that very few people are leaving without trees and that many people comment on the good selection still available. Best selection is with the Colorado blue spruce, Norway spruce, and white pine.

Dec 2, 2013


As of Dec 1, the Town of Pelham closes the road just past our house. This means that you can't get to our house from the west along Orchard Hill Road. If you are following your GPS and it tells you to turn onto Luffman Drive - DO NOT DO IT. Follow Sulphur Springs Road and turn right at each stop sign until you get to our sign. Set your GPS to go to 2347 Hollow Road in Thorold and follow our sign from there. Good luck. (It's almost like we are "out in the country")

We had a very busy season so far. The selection is dropping faster than it normally does. The following gives a quick update.

-Sold out. We will not be replanting.

BALSAM FIR -We did not have very many large fir to start with. (The deer destroy most of the unprotected fir) We have opened up an area that for years has been protected by an electric fence. There are lots of balsam in that area but they are not over 6-1/2 feet and are a more open natural look (as opposed to the thick shaped look we usually aim at) This natural appearance is becoming quite popular with some customers. If you don't need a tall tree and prefer a tree that has room to place decorations, you may find something there.

White Pine, Norway Spruce, and Colorado Blue Spruce - We still have a good selection.

Nov 28, 2013
The first weekend went very well dispite the cold winds. Possibly our busiest opening weekend yet. Lots of snow in the fields. The roads are in good shape right now. Yesterday we installed our new roadside sign. We are quite pleased with it and the message it carries. (I hope this entices you to take the time to read it)

Looking forward to seeing our returning and our new customers.

Many people like to use white birch branches in decorations. In 2013 as a trial we will offer birch wood ("cut it yourself" of course) at $20.00 for all that one person can reasonably carry.

Many customers ask if we have boughs for sale. We do not but some people are buying as large a tree as they can and cutting it up for boughs. One tree could supply two or three families. That would likely be cheaper than buying pre-cut boughs and they would be fresher.


We do not accept credit or debit cards. Cash only. Sorry

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