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Biography Maker
Wondering the process of making a good Biography? This is a good site for students looking to expand the bibliographic knowledge.
Bantam Doubledey Dell's Teacher Resources
Looking for new ideas about ways to teach award-winning books? Seeking exciting ways to bring literature alive for your students? Search Engine of Authors and Genre on main page
CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide
A place where students share their poetry about Nature and the Natural World.
Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
Need we say more? Games, Contests, Special Events and more. Just for the FUN of it. :-)
Common Errors in English
A wonderful site devoted to the proper usage of Language. Mostly with a tongue-in-cheek style, this site explores the derivatives of our complex language and its (d)evolution.
Dia Art Education (Gr. 6-9)
A site devoted to the development of free verse and visual art. Focus on free verse, cinquain, haiku and limerick poetry and a gallery Mural Paintings.
Disability Poetry
A site Educators should not overlook, and share with their students. "People with disabilities share the trials & tribulations of life from their unique, yet universal perspective. The outcasts of the outcasts present part of a growing culture of pride, born of struggle."
The Eight Parts of Speech
Heather McFadden, of the University of Ottawa, has put together this page of Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, and adjectives so we can know what they do. Great little test to give yourself or your students. Don't let your Participles dangle!
The Idiom Page
Dave Sperling Presents..... the ESL Idiom Page. A random generator of idioms to use in the classroom.... or wherever.
Judy Blume's Home Base
The Homepage of the author herself. Everything you'd expect from the Authors homepage: Her collected works, Bio, and news, plus some guidance and inspiration for would-be writers. Don't forget to check-out the KIDS SECTION!
Outta Ray's Head
An English Secondary School teacher's contribution. A HUGE list of materials for tackling literature and the Language arts; from Wil Shakespeare to Alannis Morisette. A great resource!
Pit Pony
The companion site for the feature-length film inspired by Joyce Barkhouse's classic children's novel. Downloadable Teachers Guide for the Novel Study as well as the historical and social issues of the day are discussed.
POETRY - Haiku - Cinquain
The Willis School 5th grade Poetry Club has published this site to share their students work and outline the workings of Haiku and Cinquain Poetry. Examples of students poetry and artwork is archived on the site as well.
Poetry Corner
A collection of Poetry Projects, Units and Terminology for the Middle Schools. A search Engine of poetry sites is included on this site.
The Read to Write Project
An On-Line Project where you will read a literature selection, submit information to the project database, and participate in discussions about the qualities of the genre we're studying. Then apply these qualities to your own writing and get published on the web!
Science Poetry Centre
A place for students to post their own poetry, with the subject being anything having to do with Nature or Natural Science, including Life, Earth, Physical and Environmental Science topic
Teachers & Writers OnLine
Brings writers and educators together in collaborations that explore the connections between writing and reading literature and that generate new ideas and materials. .
Tales of Wonder
A rich collection of materials form all over the world sampling the folktales, mythology and humanity of different cultures. A MUST!!
Look up grammar rules, helper words, and other writing tips by choosing from Sentence, Paragraph or Essay Tips. Easy to navigate interface for teachers and students.
Wacky Web Tales
Houghton Mifflin's interactive page where you get to create your own Wacky Web Tale from pre-designed Topics, or brainstorm an idea for a Web Tale and submit it to be entered in the archives to share with other students. Visual and fun!
World Writers
A page created by the Students of Birchwood Elementary school in Washington State. This page directs others on the processes of writing, editing and publishing. A good, straightforward resource for students.

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