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Atlapedia contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Searchable and Browsable database.
Avalon Project: Yale Law School
Digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government. Politics. Categorized by Century. this is an AMAZING site!!
The Aztec History Guide
A resource for anyone interested in the ancient Aztec culture. Information about Rulers, Deities, art, codices, medicine plus student resource materials. Some great downloads too.
Black History Activities
A site for Students to explore the History of the Blacks in America. Individual and whole-class resources available.
Canada's SchoolNet - History Department
Country Studies
A series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. This series presently contains studies of 85 countries. A resource for students and teacher's alike. Searchable and Browsable database.

Colour Landform Atlas of the U.S.
Looking for some great maps of the United States? This is the place!


Daryl Cagle's Daily Editorial Cartoons
The Encyclopedia Mythica
An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Mythology and Legend. Categorized by Culture and Era. Configurable Search Engine and browsable database. You can even submit articles to the editors. Frames and non-Frames.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An Introduction to Ancient World Cultures on the NET. Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, early Islamic world, and Medieval Europe are all covered and yours to explore. A great resource for information.
Environmental Ed Website
A site for teachers and students. A site devoted to teaching environmental aspects of an integrated curriculum. Resources, lesson plans and some great links!
The Great Canadian History Page
Looking for some Canadiana? This is the place! Find out what it means to be a Canadian.
Helping Your Child Learn Geography
A wonderful resource for Junior's to develop geographical location and map skills. Made by the U.S. Department of Education.
The History Net
Daily Quizzes, "Today in History" facts, and an archive that will surely have something of what you're looking for.
History Of The Earth
Looking to know more about History and Cultures? An impressive collection too vast to categorize. An interest resource.
History Learning and Teaching
The University of Victoria hosts this site for Teachers wanting to know more about Canada and how to teach it's history. Archives of Facts, Lessons, "toady in history", great Canadian Quotes, and much more. DROP BY!!
History/Social Studies Resource
This site offers a wide range of indexed material and resources for students and teachers.
Horus's History Links
The University of California, Riverside's History Department has made a site to trace the roots of Medicine, Art, Photography, Literature, Science, Technology and more. Well organized site to do your research. FRAMES!
The Ice Maiden of Peru
National Geographic takes us on a tour of the fascinating discovery of this 500 year old Peruvian Mummy. The mysteries of her life are revealed in a Virtual Autopsy
Laws of Canada
A collection of Lesson Plans from the folks at Canada's Schoolnet.
The Mathematics of Cartography
Lesson details, Cartography Resources, and on-line quizzes linking the math behind the maps.
A Mystery of Romanov Russia
Where's Anastasia? One of the BEST sites I have seen tackling a Web-Based adventure. A wonderful tool to get creative minds hooked on the deduction process of a historian. A MUST!!!!!!
NASA's Spacelink
NASA's educational division has setup THE page for educators interested in space. Lessons, resources, mailing lists, searchable index's and more. Take a look!
National Atlas of Canada Natural Resources Canada hosts this site filled with Maps, quizzes, and facts. The maps cover geographical, electoral, bio and interactive mapping. Very flexible resource.
Seeds of Change Garden
The 'Smithsonian's Seeds of Change Garden' is a web site to help teachers teach kids about the Colombian Exchange by planting a school garden. The garden explores the cultural, agricultural, and economic changes that changed the world after contact between Europe and the Americas was made.
Social Issues
One area of SIRS Knowledge Source - Guide to the Web that provides links to selected sites of interest exploring social issues.
Tales of Wonder
A wonderful way to explore other cultures is through their mythology, or fairy tales. This site divides its extensive archive along regional and cultural lines. A MUST SEE!
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Extensive Teacher resources, Student Activities, Documents, Pictures, and Art of those that lived the persecution.
Towards an Ecozoic Curriculum
The Ontario Society For Environmental Education at O.I.S.E. has setup this page of Curriculum. Filled with information and PDF documents to download. For Transitional and Senior grades.
UC Museum of Paleontology
Paleontology, Geology and Evolutionary exhibits.
United Nations: Curriculum Corner
What's the UN doing now? Stop by and see their curriculums covering their Major Objectives. (Changing site)
Veterans Affairs Canada
Collections, Records, and Diaries of Canada's veterans. Also QuickTimeVR of memorials. A MUST SEE!

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