“Our travels across the globe have taken us over breathe-taking mountain ranges, across seemingly endless plains, through deep dark jungles and more recently into the worlds incredible oceans. What you see in my paintings is a direct reflection of these experiences including encounters with Gorillas, following the life of a family of Tigers or waking up to a Grizzly sleeping outside our tent. Closely using reference photos I’ve taken in the field my creative goal is to open a small window into the natural world of the subject. With time and patience dedicated to each piece I strive to show the viewer the beauty of the animal in its natural habitat and visually convey why these amazing creatures deserve to continue  sharing this world with us. Each piece I create has a place and a time when this wonderful animal revealed itself to us and I am more than happy to share it with you.”  
  “Each of us has the ability to make a
                  difference in this world…   safe travels. “
                                              - Edward Spera -

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