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International - how to develop international business in South America -- where to find sources of machinery parts and industrial supplies in the former Soviet block countries.


Exploring , developing and managing international marketing is time consuming, and expensive. Having worked in this area for a number of years I find that the most expeditious route is through trade shows where sales agents/distributors concentrate and through promotional activities. These activities initially require the expertise of an International Consultant. If you are a Canadian company assistance from Federal Government programs can limit the expenditure and improve effective penetration over the long run.

For many years I represented Touche Ross & Partners in international marketing assignments that covered a variety of industries including vegetables, cement, cooperative business development and various consumer products. Over the past four years I have developed the markets of Chile, Peru and Argentina for a mining equipment manufacturer and worked with the Canadian Executive Services Overseas (CESO) on four marketing reorganization assignments in Romania and Slovakia.


Valves The ability to penetrate international markets is not only a function of interest, but of the cost structure of your product. Many of the former Soviet countries export excellent quality machinery parts either in semi-finished state or in the finished state at prices that support essentially a national strategy of earning hard currency. The route to an international market can be effected through buying crude or unfinished products from these countries then finishing them in North America. Engine
Gears Through working in these countries I have identified several sources of castings, forgings and industrial size gears for machinery in a large range of industries. In addition I have contacts with sources of industrial valves of all types, sizes and application.
Gear Spur Gear Boxes
Bevel Gear Boxes
Worm gear units
Planetary gear boxes
Combined gear boxes
Screw Jackets


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